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Benefits Of External Wall Insulation

Apr 03, 2018

mmexport1468048605393.jpgExternal wall insulation is usually a compound system made up of a layer of wadding fixed with either adhesive or mechanical fixings to the wall and covered with a shielding decorative finish of cladding or render. The finish is mostly designed in such a way that it looks similar to the wall finish wall finish.

External wall insulation is often used for solid brick walls. However, it can be used also for other types of wall. Here are some of the benefits of external insulating walls:

• You can save your electricity bills up to a huge extent.
• Insulation reduces loss of heat through your walls
• Reduce condensation and enhance comfort level in home.
• Prevent mould and moisture from getting hold.
• Enhance the life of walls by protecting masonry
• Make building sound resistance, hence very useful for library, schools, temples        etc as external insulation is capable to keep noise out.
• Improve the look of your building and increase its value.
• Gain a feeling of pride in your house
• Insulation is environment friendly as it burns less fossil fuel.
• Makes the wall long-lasting and sturdy.

Though external wall insulation is a bit expensive but very effective. Using it as a part of a larger project will lessen the cost. But even with the high cost, the benefits of external insulation overlap its price.

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