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Hello Everyone!!We are TianYang UV Materials Co.,Ltd for interior and exterior wall Board

Mar 26, 2018

Hello  Everyone 

How Nice to  meet you all  here >-< Let me introduce ourself  to you all and hope to make friends with you .

Name :Shaanxi Tianyang UV Materials Co.,Ltd

Location: Xi'an China

Factory Location :YangLing  Demostration Zone ,Planning Road East,Xi'an ,China

Our Factory  Location :


What We do:

We aim to provide  quality and healthy cladding solutions that deliver on high  peformance and bring to building our customers desire.

Our goal is to shorten the installation process and costs especially when time is such a deciding factor in a demanding construction project. For this reason we have engineered a modular scale of the panels as well as the concealed fastener system for ease of installation. 
We aim to have a product that helps your architectural design to keep within the construction budget, often as a means to help reduce costs. A perfect product to create an innovative design within budget.

Here are some of our  finished project  for  your information:

exterior wall siding .jpg

indoor wall decoration.jpg

Our patented UV coating technology is very versatile and can be applied to  interior and  exterior wall cladding ,We offer a bespoke product to suit your client’s needs in terms of specification or colour options and is customizable for specific projects. Certainly in the case if a building calls for a specific colour match.

we have many  advantages :

  • Fireproof: Among many worries of homeowners, fire problem is always at the top of the list. Fiber cement cladding panel is made up of more than 90% inflammable materials. In was reported, a fire damaged fire truck almost 100 feet away from the flames, but the home constructed with Fiber cement cladding panel was protected well.

  • Insects and rotting resistant: Fiber cement cladding panel has no seams or voids and prevents mold or mildew from growing no matter inside wall or outside.

  • Verities of color: Fiber cement cladding panel can resemble natural stone, wood grain and also can provide plain and solid feeling when you do interior cladding. Or if a color is not very suitable, the siding can be re-painted.

  • Longevity: You can expect the Fiber cement cladding panel on your home a lifetime and even longer. In terms of that, it can increase the value of home especially when you plan to resale it. Fiber cement cladding panel is absolutely resistant to rot and insect, and can withstand the punishing salt spray and wind if near the shoreline.

  • Low keeping cost: Unlike a lot of other popular siding materials, Fiber cement cladding panel can resist mold and mildew, and doesn’t need to be cleaned any more often than vinyl or wood.


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