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The New Anti-Bacterial UV Fiber Cement Board Used In Hospital

Mar 20, 2018

The application scope of our Fiber Cement Board is not limited to  the Exterior walls Cladding .It is more applicable  to the interior wall and office building of commercial residential buildings,floor ,,subyway entrance .

We recently developed a new  product :Anti-bacterial Fiber Cement board use in the hospital enviornment.

Hospital Wall  Cladding-.jpg

Hygiene cladding for hospitals is a cost-effective solution to creating a visually pleasing hospital interior with the added functionality of being clean and free of any germs and dirt.  The fight against bacteria is one of or if not the most important factors in the healthcare sector, and that goes beyond encouraging regular hand washing for staff and visitors, but also applies to the internal walls and ceilings of hospitals themselves.


Benefits of Hospital Cladding

-      The cladding sheets carry a Class 1 Fire Rating which means that they not only resist the spread of a flame, but are also self-extinguishing.

-      The panels are non-toxic meaning they are the perfect solution for hospital and clinical walls.

-      It offers excellent insulation properties.

-      Significant chemical resistance.

-      The hygiene cladding panels have low water absorption making them the ideal barrier to protecting internal walls from moisture.

-      A key feature of the tianyang UV fibre Cement Board  range is its high impact resistance and strength. Made from Tian yang UV Anti-bacterial  Board is exceptionally tough and difficult to damage.

As  a  leading  UV  Coating Fiber Cement board ,Founded in 1999, TianYang, with almost 20-year history, is now an integrated high-tech private enterprise specializing in research & development, production, sale and installation the interior and exterior wall siding factory in China, we are one of the leading wall  cladding solution provider producing exterior & interior non asbestos UV coating fiber cement boards. The group’s head office is located in Xi’an, covering an area of 104.500 square meters. TianYang has seven subsidiaries in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, a R&D center and a standardized laboratory, all making it the largest building material production base in northwest China.

Shaanxi Tianyang has always strengthened the innovation ability of our Company and has  a foucs on the safe environment of a  building,so as to produce a high quality 

product as the core,which has been continuously developed and expanded.

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