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UV Coating Decorative Fiber Cement Board Introduction

Mar 13, 2018

UV coated decorative fiber cement board have become the new energy saving decoration material, with the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, moistureproof, fashion surface etc. It do not contain benzene and formaldehyde and other harmful substances. There are six series products, solid color series ,marble design series, granite design series ,wooden grain series, tunnel board series and hospital antibacterial series, which are widely used in the tunnel, hospital, interior and exterior wall application.

Unique transfer technology for base material

The non-asbestos fiber cement board is as base material. The UV fluorocarbon coating technology are used in interior and exterior wall decoration.

Leading UV fluorocarbon coating

UV fluorocarbon coating is a mesh structure ,the coating surface tension is low,pollution resistant, not easy dust

The UV fluorocarbon coating can resist UV degradation and pulverization in severse weather, keep the inherent color and gloss, and will not burst or peel off. It have excellent acid and alkali resistance, and solvent corrosion resistance .

Unique variety of finishing for choosing

Design: marble series, granite series , wooden grain series, Solid color series, stone series

Surface brightness: glossy surface, matt surface,semimatte surface

Similarity: computer scanning with perfect similarity

Color difference : almost no color difference, excellent effect

Products Benefits

Green environmental protection

UV coated, no formaldehyde, no benzene and other harmful gas, no release, radiationless. It is the green environmental protection products.

100% non asbestos

100% non asbestos


Selecting noncombustible materials, the material have achieved the Grade A non-combustible standard . Are able to block the fire to protect the building and personal life.

Light Weight

Density of 1.4 ~1.7g/cm³, light weight,helping to reduce the building foundation and the main load-bearing and quick-proof.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Dual energy efficiency, saving the limited natural resources and reducing energy consumption in buildings.


Have Passed the water test. It is suitable for bathrooms,kitchens,rest room and other damp places.


Use special anti-static coating products,with anti-static effect surface.


Smooth surface with functional antibacterial coating, so that the bacteria is not easy to breed .Reflecting the excellent antibacterial properties.

Frost resistance

The test results for freeze thaw resistance conform to the national and local standards.

Excellent Weather Resistance

No bubbles, no peel in decorative surface; no hollowings, no layers, no crack and no water penetration in protection surface after treated under high temperature & water spray in 80 cycles and heat treat & freezing in 5 cycles.

Excellent Durability

Inorganic base material with pest control ,mosquito control ,moisture-proof ,corrosion resistance ,high strength, no deformation, long service life ,no fading surface, no peeling, no burst ,no powdering.

Easy To Clean

water and neutral detergent are available

Easy machining

Using common machining tools to cut and saw.


Have capacity to prevent the erosion of acid and other drugs classes effectively, have excellent stain resistance

Sound Absorption

High density sheet surface with good sound insulation performance .The installation system forms a cavity to achieve sound absorption effect.

stable color, rich patterns

The appearance of tine、rich patterns、realistic effect、strong texture .elegance is not luxury ,perfect decorative effect

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