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Why Use Fiber Cement Cladding Solution?

Mar 14, 2018

Make up

Generally speaking, the fiber cement cladding is made of 85% cement-like materials (sand, cement, travel ash, and etc.) and 15% cellulose material (lumber fibers…)—the percentages might vary with different brands, however 100% of the component are non-combustible.


  • Thin panel of fiber cement can be cut by a duty cutting blade.

  • Thicker panel and high density (more than 1.7g/cm3) sheet need to be cut via the mechanical cutting machine which adopts diamond blade or masonry blade.

  • Proper and necessary caution need to be adopted to ventilate the air in the process of fiber cement cutting, it may cause some pneumoconiosis problem if long time exposure in such circumstance.

  • Vinyl siding is some extent combustible and is not good for painting on surface, but fiber cement will be painted well when or before installation. UV coating is one of the way to exercise on fiber cement.

Burning test on UV coating fiber cement

For the burning test, there are still some issues need to point out

  • Substrate panel: CE standard autoclaved Fiber cement (inorganic), 100% non-combustible materials, which mean it can’t be burnt with flame, and will automatically and immediately extinguish when fire remove.

  • Surface materials: unsaturated fluorocarbon resin (concentration 5%-30%), the concentration will vary apply to the requirement of how brightness the appearance will be.

  • fiber cement burning test

  • There are reasons for the fiber cement cladding to sweep the world market rapidly and receive high comments from customers and professionals. Fiber cement panels have been deployed in many of our modern and symbolic building as for it can save money and time, as well as they have attractive looking if coated byfluorocarbon on UV technology.

  • UV coating fiber cement

  • Fiber Cement Sandwich

  • Fiber Cement sandwich panel is a composite light-weight panel featuring energy-efficient, time-saving, aesthetical-face and safety. It is produced by bonding the Asbestos Free Fiber cement facing sheets, and cementitious core with expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane, foam concrete and rockwool rigid.

  • Fiber cement sandwich panel has all the advantages of traditional sidings, and it has added qualities for easy construction. It can serve as a better substitute for conventional walls and any other drywall solutions.

  • Fiber cement sandwich panel has been produced to meet the global market demanding for facade and partition wall. The long list of benefit which fiber cement sandwich panel bring to our life have been adopted by many contractors and architects all around the world, and they are replacing their regular cladding and partition product to fiber cement sandwich solution.

  • For many dry wall, fiber cement sandwich solution can be exercised for the sake of reaching cost effective and money & time saving. Fiber cement sandwich panels have all the benefits of masonry wall in current construction field.

  • Fiber cement sandwich panel

  • Fiber cement sandwich panels have below advantages:

  • Time saving: 20sqm for a skilled and matured worker per day.

  • Light weight: 20-25kg per sqm (weight vary from thickness and insulation type)

  • Easy handle:

  • Easy relocate:

  • Thermal insulation

  • Sound insulation

  • Water resistance

  • High resistant

  • Eco-friendly

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