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Colorful Decorative Wall Board

Colorful Decorative Wall Board

Characteristics of UV fiber cement board 1. Weather resistance, color lasting stability. 2. Fire resistance , fire-proof, class-A1 incombustibility. 3. Water resistance,lower water absorption rate, no deformation. 4. Pollution resistance, bright and clean surface, difficulty to stain. 5. Scratch resistance, high compactness, difficulty to scratch. 6. Rub resistance, solid paint, traceless when rubbing. 7. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, long life usage. 8. Impact resistance, best material quality, durable usage. 9. UV resistance, absorb UV, difficulty to fade.

Product Details

tv board

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Place of origin:   Shaanxi, China

Washability:     no leakage after wiping for 10000 times   

Thermal Conductivity:    ≤0.35w  (m.k) 

Freezing resistance:   no crack and delamination after 25 freeze-thaw cycles 

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